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Padded / Bonded Pelmets

Adding that finishing touch to your blinds and curtains, an upholstered or bonded pelmet from The Roman Empire is more than just a pretty face, it’s a very practical piece of furnishing that serves multiple tasks – for instance, it hides all of the hardware such as curtain tracks and blind brackets, it assists in darkening the room by preventing daylight coming through the top (great news for light sleepers) and it provides excellent insulation qualities as well.

With many standard designs (or perhaps design your own) we’re able to manufacture a pelmet that will truly reflect your personal taste in a limitless choice of fabrics, colours, trims, braids and tassels.

Pelmets Finishes

Pipe Top and Base

Pipe Base Only

Pipe Top Only

Double Pipe Base

50mm Band Base

50mm Band Base with Piping above and below

50mm Band Top and Base with Piping Above and Below

50mm Plain band Top and Base with Rouched Centre Panel

Inlay Braid 50mm From Base

50mm Rouched Rounded Base with Inlay Braid Available in Style A only

50mm Rounded Base and Top with Braid Inlay Available in Style A only

50mm Square Base and top with Braid inlay Available in Style A only

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    1989 – It was the year the microprocessor was introduced to the world,
    ‘the little mermaid’ came to our screens, Five-time world middleweight
    champion Sugar Ray Robinson dies and The Roman Empire was born!