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Bedhead - Flat panel with braid or piping to outer edgeBedhead -Flat panel with insert piping or braidBedhead - 30mm walled with piping or braid to the back onlyBedhead - 30mm walled with piping or braid front and back

Bed Head Bedhead Shapes
Bedhead - 50mm walled square sewnBedhead - 50mm walled with  buttoning and piped or braid to front edge
Bedhead - 120mm half round roll with braid or piping on insert and outer edgeBedhead - 120mm half round rouched roll with piped or braid insertBedhead - 120mm half round roll with buttoning and braided or piped inserthalf round roll with panel insert pipedBedhead - 120mm half round roll with 60mm rouched insert piped above and below Bedhead - flat panel piped edge

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